Seven Produce Organizations Form Global Standards Federation

The organizers said the IFPS is the result of an evolution from a body originally brought together to address the international harmonization of the industry defined PLU (Price Look Up) codes. Building on the success of those efforts, the group's statement said, a decision was made to expand the focus of the group to create the first industry forum of its kind. The IFPS will provide an international forum to address issues which require international harmonization or standardization for the produce sectors and creates the first incorporated body constituted of national organizations providing direct representation of their respective countries' constituents.

The founding members are:

  • Asociacion de Exportadores de Chile (Chile)
  • Canadian Produce Marketing Association (Canada)
  • Fresh Produce Consortium (United Kingdom)
  • Horticulture Australia Ltd. (Australia)
  • Norges Frukt-og Gronnsaksgrossisters Forbund (Norway)
  • Produce Marketing Association (United States)
  • United Fresh (New Zealand)

    Jane Proctor of the Canadian Produce Marketing Association and Stuart Johnston of New Zealand's United Fresh will serve as chair and vice-chair, respectively. The IFPS was incorporated in the United Kingdom and the Produce Marketing Association here has assumed responsibility as the secretary-general.

    Initially the IFPS will focus on four key issues:

  • Industry Technologies: Product identification, application of product identification via RSS


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