Weighing ingredients to achieve consistency

Weighing ingredients to achieve consistency

Consistency is a concept that challenges us as chefs; the best of what we do is all about consistency. Nowhere is this more crucial than in the “recipes” we use everyday. All chefs have worked in situations where you pull a dish together one time and it comes out great only to try again with a slightly different result. So I converted to using only weight in grams and leaving cups, tablespoons and ounces/liters behind.

Ask four cooks to measure out a cup of flour and then weigh each one in grams; you will see the difference. Striving to reach a very high level of consistency in our kitchen, we measure everything out in grams as we add it, and have a recipe that develops as we go. We only go by weight even for liquids. The result is more consistent food. We keep two books of recipes in the kitchen—one savory, one sweet—and it has been a pretty satisfying process to see the books grow and the differences in batches all but disappear.


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