Working with a cutting-edge consulting firm

Working with a cutting-edge consulting firm

Years ago I had been hesitant to hire a consultant, thinking he or she would bring a pre-conceived, pre-packaged idea of what I should do in my business. Now I realize that a good consulting firm will take the time to understand what makes my business and my management style unique and construct solutions that are custom-tailored to my company.

When I decided to expand the Norma’s Cafe brand, I turned to Matthew Mabel of Surrender, Inc here in Dallas for advice, new ideas and help in planning, including adding an experienced Operations Director to the team. I wanted to reduce risk while growing my company, and with the help of Surrender Inc, we put together a plan to integrate the new Operations Director into our company. The result has not only been immediate, but also long-term in cost control, increased sales, guest satisfaction and the ability for growth. Working with a consultant who is willing to push you beyond your comfort zone pays off.   


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