Snapshot: Baby Cakes Grow Up

Retro sweets are being fine-tuned for the sophisticated sweet tooth.

Astaria, San Mateo, California
Astaria’s HO-HO moist chocolate sponge cake is filled with whipped cream piped in that signature Ho-Ho swirl, then it’s dipped in premium melted chocolate ($6).

That Takes the Cake, San Francisco, California
Chocolamento Cupcakes are baked from double chocolate devil’s food cake batter and topped with mint buttercream frosting and an Andes chocolate mint ($2.95).

The Chip Shop, Brooklyn, New York
The Fried Twinkies in this fish ’n chips spot start with the packaged cakes, then are served with four-berry coulis ($3).

Bandera, Scottsdale, Arizona
House-made Oreo Ice Cream Sandwiches begin with homemade Oreo cookies that enclose creamy vanilla ice cream dotted with Oreo chips. They float in bittersweet fudge syrup and are topped with fresh whipped cream ($8).

OM, Cambridge, Massachusetts
The PB & J Hazelnut Ice Cream Mille Feuille layers the classic sandwich combo between the thinnest crisp pastry. It’s plated with pickled red grapes, moscato gastrique and Concord grape jelly ($9).

Saint Cupcakes, Portland, Oregon
The Fat Elvis Cupcake consists of a sweet banana chocolate chip cupcake smeared with peanut butter fudge and crowned with a banana chip ($1.50 for dot cupcakes; $2.50 for regular size).             


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