Sodexo Study Reveals College Student Food Preferences

So says Sodexo, a leading integrated facilities management company and foodservice provider to 600 campuses in the United States and Canada. The company, which monitors students' taste buds to satisfy today's well-traveled, celebrity-chef exposed, green-minded coeds, has released the following list of food menu trends for 2009:
•    Locally-grown fruits and veggies
•    Crispy garlic-ginger chicken wings
•    Mac 'n five cheeses
•    Vietnamese Pho
•    Green tea and pomegranate smoothies
•    Crab cake sliders
•    Mini samosas
•    Tilapia Veracruz
•    Goat cheese salad (with lavender lentils)
•    Chicken Mole

"The biggest change we've seen is in the demand for locally-grown produce and authentic international cuisine that is made to order," said Chef Rob Morasco, Sodexo's senior director of culinary support in the education market. "Super spices, comfort food with a twist, and the new age of Asian cuisine are some of the trends we're delivering."

"Parents of college students have cultivated very creative palates in their children by exposing them to many flavors through restaurants, travel, living abroad and creative home cooking," said Tom Post, president of campus dining for Sodexo. "Our expert chefs on campuses love to serve and dazzle customers with this high level of culinary literacy and we stay on top of the trends to deliver authentic, healthy options."

Food trends are studied by Sodexo consistently through a variety of methods. The Food Trends in 2009 list was developed by research from Sodexo's Student Board of Directors, Nielsen's Annual Restaurant Audit, Teenage Research Unlimited, Technomic’s Menu Monitor, NPD Group and other vendor partners.


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