Soft Shell Crabs

As seasonally iconic as ramps and snow cones, soft shell crabs are the perfect spring-into-summer seafood. Chefs have from May to September to grab the tender, just-molted crustaceans, which are consumed shell and all, fried, sautéed or even grilled. 

New York City
Tapioca Flake Crusted Soft Shell Crabs with Spring Onions, Green Mango and a Coriander Broth; $22

Mozza Osteria
Los Angeles, CA
Soft Shell Crab Fritti Misti; $26

New Orleans, LA
Sautéed Soft Shell Crabs Meunière; $25

Baltimore, MD
Tempura Soft Shell Crab, Succotash of Sweet Corn, Butter Beans and Charred Heirloom Tomato Emulsion; $18

San Francisco, CA
Crispy Soft Shell Crab, tempura fried with sweet baked yams; $12

Harry’s Seafood Grill
Wilmington, DE
Buttermilk battered softshell crabs with grilled tomatoes, new potatoes, lemon beurre blanc and balsamic syrup; $24


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