Spot check evaluations

Spot check evaluations can help improve the performance of your staff.  Instead of waiting for the big performance review, why not give them mini-evaluations over the course of the year?

Take the pressure off annual performance reviews with Spot Check Evaluations

  • Compensation and Bonus
  • Promotions
  • Job Development
  • Improved Communication
  • Job Security

All of these important decisions in the life of a restaurant employee boil down to one thing... the annual performance review. No wonder notice of an evaluation often conjures up a feeling of dread.

Why not let employees know that evaluations and reviews are a positive thing? A properly executed evaluation system lets everyone communicate about performance, progress and areas for improvement. And, most importantly, it's not to be viewed as an isolated or threatening event. In school, wasn't it better to have several weekly tests throughout the semester than one big final?

Take the pressure off the "official" evaluation by conducting a series "mini-evaluations." I like using the spot check evaluation. About once a quarter, a manager takes a quick rating of an employee's appearance, performance, attendance, attitude, procedures and customer service. Spot check evaluations have several benefits:

They don't take much time
A manager should be able to conduct two or three spot check evaluations during any shift. In additional to being quick, they don't require any advance scheduling with the employee.

They put things in perspective.
Annual performance reviews can become skewed when an employee's most recent work performance is the only thing considered. It's difficult to remember the good (or bad) from six or nine months back. The spot check evaluation provides a quick progress report to evenly measure performance over a period of time.

They help fix things when things need to be fixed.
Spot check evaluations can identify problems in performance, and allows you to correct them more easily and informally, before they become significant patterns or habits. This makes it easier for the employee to set new goals and move forward.

Download a ready-to-use Spot Check Evaluation form, with protocols so you can get started right away.

For more information about our Trade Secrets customizable Employee Performance Evaluation System, which includes an annual performance evalution, cross evaluations, protocols and forms, visit our on-line store or call 800.858.7876. 


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