Spring Cocktails

Mixologists are following chefs' lead on the farm-to-table trend and crafting farm-to-glass libations. Right now, fresh, seasonal produce is the inspiration for some special of-the-moment cocktails with the fresh taste of spring.

Red Rooster
New York City
Strawberry Rhubarb Sangria: White wine, rum, lemonade, strawberries, rhubarb and club soda; $10

El Chorro
Paradise Valley, Arizona
Southwestern Spring Mojito: Parrot Bay Lime Rum, fresh mint, jalapeños, strawberries, soda water; $9

Saffron Restaurant and Lounge
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Chupa La Copa: Pimm's, agavales blanco, lemon, black peppercorn, cucumber, mint and strawberry; $10

New York City
Pisco Punch: Pisco, spiced clementine syrup, ginger, fresh lemon; $13

Nacional 27
Chicago, Illinois
Market Mojito: Cruzan rum, seasonal produce-muddled fresh; $12


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