Starbucks relaxes its dress code

starbucks barista cup

Allowing baristas more latitude with their personal styles, Starbucks has issued a new dress code that takes a cue from a number of brands allowing their employees to bring more elements of individuality to the job.

Starbucks’ store employees—who were previously required to wear solid white, khaki or black clothes along with the chain’s signature apron—are now able to sport patterns as well as a wider range of colors, including gray, navy and dark, uniform shades of denim, the coffee giant said.

Hats such as fedorasthe industry’s headwear du jourand “statement” hair colors are also allowed, with some caveats.

“I believe these changes work well with our iconic green apron and also complement the passion partners bring to our coffee and their craft,” Cosimo LaPorta, Starbucks’ EVP of U.S. retail store operations, said in a statement. “We want partners to be as proud of their look as they are when they tie on their green apron.”

Starbucks said it had tested the new dress code at one New York City unit starting in September, followed by some Reserve units, where it was well-received by customers.


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