Starbucks tests Frappuccino Mini

You can all it the Little Frappuccino. Or the Kiddie Frappuccino. Or even the Baby Frappuccino.

Whatever you call it, Starbucks has begun to test what it's calling the Frappuccino Mini, a 10-ounce Frappuccino that's a tad lower in price and calories than the conventional 12-ounce version. The test, which is taking place in Denver and Houston, will determine if the mini version expands to other markets, says Lisa Passe, a Starbucks spokeswoman.

"It's about customers looking for choices," says Passe. "We're learning and listening to what customers are saying." The 10-ounce version costs about 30-cents less than the conventional 12-ounce beverage.

The move -- first reported by the blog StarbucksMelody -- comes as smaller desserts and mini-indulgences continue to be white hot at restaurants nationally. It's hard to find a casual dining chain that hasn't rolled out some sort of mini-desert lineup. The small servings appeal to Millennials, to customers who are concerned about calories and to parents who feel better about purchasing smaller sizes for kids.

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