State Supreme Court will hear BudaFirst

(March 26, 20010)—BudaFirst.org, the group who sought to place referendum on the November election in Buda allowing citizens the chance to overturn a City Council vote concerning the U.S. Foodservice plant nearby, will have their case heard by the Supreme Court of Texas.

The group seeks to reverse a City Council decision allowing U.S. Foodservice to move from Springdale Road in Austin to a site east of Buda near the Sunfield Municipal Utility District. The council in June rezoned 95 acres at the site for light industrial use. Although BudaFirst collected 788 signatures on a petition to put the matter on today’s ballot, Buda council members voted in September to prohibit the referendum. Buda City Attorney Susan Rocha has said the city charter bars such referendums.

In November the group filed suit in the 3rd Court of Appeals in Austin but lost. The state’s highest court will now hear their case.

On the web: http://budafirst.org/


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