Subway touts meatier 6-inch sandwich

subway restaurant

Subway is promoting a meatier version of its six-inch sub as a lure for more traffic this holiday season.

The chain ran ads during NFL games this Sunday to tout the new Make It Deluxe deal.  The offer consists of a 50 percent boost in the amount of meat that’s packed into Subway’s signature smaller-sized sandwiches, for an upcharge of 50 cents.

The six-inch sub has been the star of Subway’s recent efforts to bolster traffic and margins. After getting customers to hum along with the chain’s $5 Footlong jingle, Subway is now promoting a Simple $6 menu: Six premium six-inch subs, paired with chips and a drink, for $6.

It’s also spotlighting the limited-time offer of a footlong cheesesteak, but stores in selected New York markets are offering the premium item for more than $7.

The chain no longer uses the term “Five Dollar Footlongs” on its website.


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