Surfing safari

Ready for a little surfing adventure? It's time for an internet scavenger hunt!

Your challenge is to go in search of the following foodservice-related information and resources. Everything can be found on the World Wide Web, and in more than one location. So here's an on-line scavenger hunt to help polish up your sleuthing and surfing skills, and explore the foodservice community in cyberspace.Have fun!

Need some hints?
You don't have to look far for some of the finds. Search for clues right under your nose. You can also try search engines if you're stuck.

On Your Mark, Get Set,GO!

  1. Discover the benefits of accepting the American Express card in your operation.
  2. Locate an on-line recipe that uses Nabisco Grey Poupon mustard.
  3. Your executive chef just quit. Find someone interested in filling his shoes.
  4. What are the projected total restaurant industry sales for 1999?
  5. Do you play music in your restaurant? Where can you learn about the laws concerning music licensing in restaurants?
  6. Find one source of food safety and sanitation training, besides ServSafe classes.
  7. Locate the name of a firm that conducts restaurant Mystery Shops.
  8. Find an on-line trade publication article with holiday marketing ideas.
  9. A friend recommended I eat at Nobu in New York City. Find a restaurant critic's review, good or bad, to validate my friend's opinion.


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