Survey finds dieters forego chains

Although 70% of dieters still dine out at least once a week, they're eating less often at the outlets of big-name chains, according to a new survey.

The canvass of more than 1,000 adults indicates that consumers don't believe they can eat in many chains and remain on a weight-loss regimen, concluded TNS, the European researcher that conducted the internet survey.

The company noted that respondents harbored those doubts despite the recent wholesale addition of low-carb and other diet-friendly choices by several of the industry's biggest names. Even when those options were touted in advertising, TNS asserted, the message was not embraced.

But the company did cite some standout exceptions. For instance, 68% of the respondents said they were more likely to eat at a Subway today, and 70% indicated that they were aware of the sandwich chain's new low-carb choices.

In the full-service market, Applebee's also scored high as a choice for dieters (59% of respondents said they'd be more likely to eat there, and 43% said they were aware of the chain's new diet line), as did Red Lobster (53%/32%), Outback (55%/32%), and Olive Garden (53%/36%).


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