Sweet Potatoes

The nutritious, versatile sweet potato fits seamlessly into many cuisines, from Spanish, to Japanese and African. Also a key ingredient in several American comfort foods and vegetarian dishes, this colorful root vegetable is reminding diners everywhere that sometimes the words “healthy” and “sweet” make a perfect pair.

Highland Bakery
Atlanta, Georgia
Sweet Potato Pancakes: Lightly sweet Southern-style pancakes served with a warm caramelized brown sugar syrup and toasted pecans; $7.95

Geronimo Bar & Grill
New Haven, Connecticut
Cumin Sweet Potato fries served with chipotle ketchup and roasted garlic aioli; $7

Ceiba Restaurant
Washington D. C.
Wild Striped Bass Ceviche: Spicy rocoto chili cream, sweet potato, toasted Peruvian corn; $11

Candle Cafe
New York City
Paradise Casserole: Layers of sweet potato, black beans and millet over steamed greens with country gravy; $15

It’s Only Natural
Middletown, Connecticut
Sweet Potato Enchilades with mole rojo sauce, red beans, lettuce, tomato, tofu sour cream, salsa and cheese; $11

Urban Solace Restaurant
San Diego, California
Cocoa and spice crusted braised pork belly, red beet-sweet corn slaw, roasted sweet potato and natural jus; $16.95


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