The animal innards known as “offal” are the darlings of many chefs, especially those who focus on head-to-tail cooking. Delicate sweetbreads, a calf’s thymus glands, are often presented in elegant preparations as appetizers or entrees.

New York, NY
Sweetbread and Foie Gras Ravioli with mushrooms and fall vegetables; $16

San Francisco, CA
Porcini Crusted Veal Sweetbreads, king trumpet and oyster mushrooms, baby carrots and turnips, truffle sauce, fried leeks, white truffle oil; $12, $24

New York, NY
Crispy Sweetbread, escarole, brown butter, lemon, capers, parsley; $19

Brasserie Jo
Boston, MA
Crispy Sweetbreads, squash, brown butter; $9.95

Home Bistro
Chicago, IL
Crispy Veal Sweetbread, hummus, house jalapeno hot sauce, red onion, parsley; $11

Blue Ribbon
New York, NY
Sweetbreads with arugula, wild mushrooms and carrot; $29.75

San Francisco, CA
Dutch Valley Veal Sweetbreads & Mushroom Fricassee with mirepoix, white wine, mashed potato & potato rosti; $22

Washington D.C.
Pan Roasted Veal Sweetbreads, pickled beech mushrooms, red grapes, bacon, spinach, poached egg; $13

Crofton On Wells
Chicago, IL
Veal Sweetbreads: Cucumber/watermelon relish, lemon/caper/caramelized garlic vinaigrette, pata negra crisp; $14


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