Sysco at $21.8 billion for fiscal; street and Sysco label volume grows

Sysco Corp., Houston, has announced sales of $21.8 billion for its 2001 fiscal year ended June 30, a gain of 12.8 percent over the prior fiscal's $19.3 billion. Fourth-quarter sales were $5.8 billion, an increase of 9.8 percent over the equivalent 2000 quarter.

Internal sales growth for the final quarter was 6.5 percent, of which 3.0 percent was identified as real growth. The rest was attributable to food cost inflation. Acquisitions contributed 3.3 percent during the quarter. Internal growth for the year amounted to 8.3 percent, including 5.8 percent real growth and 2.5 percent from food cost inflation. Acquisitions added 4.5 percent.

Sysco branded product sales represented 54.6 percent of marketing associate-served or street business during the quarter, as compared with 51.4 percent in the equivalent 2000 quarter. Street volume rose to 57 percent of broadline volume, as compared with 55.7 percent during the 2000 final quarter.

"Our broadline companies experienced an uptick in the growth of marketing associate-served sales in June as compared to the earlier weeks of the quarter," comments Charles H. Cotros, Sysco chairman and ceo. "This trend continued into the first three weeks of the new fiscal year, with marketing associated-served sales growth at our broadline companies increasing at double-digit levels compared to the same period last year."


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