Sysco Corporation Announces 2012 Top Suppliers

HOUSTON (June 18, 2012 - Globe Newswire)—Sysco Corporation, the largest foodservice distribution company in the U.S.. recently honored its suppliers that met or exceeded the company's exacting standards as part of the 2012 Sysco Supplier Excellence Awards program.

The awards, presented at an industry dinner in Houston, recognized the commitment, support and partnership of suppliers that continue to help Sysco achieve its goals. Previously called the Top 100 Supplier Recognition, Sysco changed the name of its program in 2011 to recognize suppliers by category and by areas of accomplishment. This marks the 18th year that Sysco has recognized top suppliers. 

Dean Foods Morningstar was selected as Sysco's top Gold Supplier for 2012. Additionally, Best Maid Cookie Company, Kings Cheesecake and Sir Aubrey White Lion Tea Company were the winners of Sysco's Ninth Annual Heritage Awards, which go to Sysco's top women- and minority-owned suppliers. (See complete list of 2012 winners below.)

Recipients of 2012 Sysco Supplier Excellence Awards were chosen from more than 2,000 eligible suppliers worldwide. Winners were selected based on key business performance measurements as prescribed by Sysco's U.S.-based distribution companies and Sysco's corporate merchandising, sourcing, quality assurance, and supply chain departments.

Additionally, in keeping with the company's commitment to sustainability and in recognition of its importance to Sysco, the industry and the world, Sysco announced that it has established a Sustainability Excellence Award for the 2013 program. The award will recognize suppliers that demonstrate a commitment to measurable sustainability practices.


Company:                      Product Category:
Flowers Bakeries               Bakery/Convenience
National Beef                  Beef
Nestle Professional Vitality   Beverage
Pacific Coast Producers       Canned Foods
Dean Foods                    Dairy
Pactiv LLC                     Food Service Supplies
Lamb Weston Sales, Inc.       Frozen Foods
General Mills, Inc.            Manufactured Grocery
Sara Lee                       Pork
Sanderson Farms                Poultry
Devi Seafoods, Inc.           Seafood
                    SILVER SUPPLIERS      
Company:                       Product Category:
General Mills, Inc.            Bakery/Convenience
OSI Group, LLC                Beef
Clement Pappas Company        Beverage
Trinidad Benham Corporation    Canned Foods
Schreiber Foods, Inc.         Dairy
Heritage Bag Company           Food Service Supplies
National Frozen Foods Corp.    Frozen Foods
Ventura Foods                  Manufactured Grocery
JBS                            Pork
Pilgrims Company               Poultry
Arista Industries             Seafood
Company:                       Product Category:
Stratas Foods                  Manufactured Grocery
Alpha Baking Company          Bakery/Convenience
Best Maid Cookie Company      Bakery/Convenience
McCain, Inc.                   Bakery/Convenience
Ralcorp Frozen Bakery          Bakery/Convenience
Tyson Foods, Inc.              Bakery/Convenience
AdvancePierre Foods           Beef
American Food Group           Beef
Cargill , Inc.                Beef
Holten Meat, Inc.             Beef
Tyson Foods, Inc.             Beef
Lyons Magnus                  Beverage
PepsiCo                        Beverage
Sara Lee                       Beverage
Azar Nut Company              Canned Foods
Border Foods a Mizkan Co.      Canned Foods
Bruce Foods                    Canned Foods
Oregon Cherry                  Canned Foods
Red Gold, LLC                  Canned Foods
AMPI                           Dairy
Belgioioso Cheese, Inc.       Dairy
Cargill Kitchen Solutions     Dairy
Emmi Roth USA, Inc.            Dairy
National Pasteurized Eggs     Dairy
ACS Industries, Inc.           Food Service Supplies
Ecolab Inc.                    Food Service Supplies
Handgards                      Food Service Supplies
John Ritzenthaler Co.,
Ritz Foodservice Division      Food Service Supplies
SCA                            Food Service Supplies
Expor San Antonio             Frozen Foods
Fresherized Foods, Inc        Frozen Foods
Jasper Wyman & Son            Frozen Foods
Lakeside Food, Inc.           Frozen Foods
The Pictsweet Company         Frozen Foods
Cargill, Inc.                  Manufactured Grocery
Lyons Magnus                   Manufactured Grocery
PepsiCo                        Manufactured Grocery
Red Gold, LLC                  Manufactured Grocery
Clemens Food Group            Pork
Sugardale Foods                Pork
Tyson Foods, Inc.              Pork
Smithfield Foodservice         Pork
Cargill, Inc.                  Pork
Butterball LLC                 Poultry
Perdue Farms Incorporated     Poultry
Koch Foods                    Poultry
Renaissance Man Food Services Poultry
Tyson Foods, Inc.              Poultry
Potandon Produce LLC           Produce
Sigma                          Produce
Sun Rich                       Produce
Great American Seafood        Seafood
High Liner Foods               Seafood
Northern Wind                  Seafood
Phillips Foods                 Seafood
Trident Seafoods Corporation   Seafood

2012 Supply Chain Partner Award:    Schwan's Food Service
Innovation Award: Kraft Food Ingredients-Pilgrims/SMS Poultry – Sysco Classic Backyard Grill Chicken

Best of Sysco Brand Awards:  
1st Place – OSI Industries/SMS Beef – Fire River Farms Beef/Pork Blend
2nd Place – Dean Foods-Morningstar/SMS Dairy – Wholesome Farms 30% Whipping Cream
3rd Place – Clements-Hatfield/SMS Pork – Butcher's Block Prime Pork



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