Sysco Cuts 1,500 Jobs

HOUSTON - Sysco Corp. here has eliminated about 1,500 jobs in the last two months, according to the foodservice distributor's executives.

Cutbacks were a response to short-term pressures, not a sign of any long-term problem, the Houston-based company's executives said Friday.

"Sysco is constantly making adjustments in hiring as the season ebbs and flows," Sysco spokeswoman Tony Spiegelmyer told the Houston Chronicle in Saturday's editions.
The company said the job cuts were achieved through attrition, layoffs and voluntary retirements.

Spiegelmyer said that the work force is up over last year.

Richard Schnieders, chairman and ceo, Sysco Corp., in a speech last week to the Business Council, Irving, Texas, also pointed out that the foodservice industry is going through a soft period and that inflation has been taking a toll.

"The restaurant business is still showing some weakness," Schnieders was quoted as saying. "Food inflation has had an impact. The fuel prices have had an impact and of course we've had four record hurricanes in the U.S. Southeast. Hopefully, you will see some moderation of the inflation. That will be good for our customers and good for us."


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