Sysco Distribution Center Presented Environmental Stewardship Award

COLUMBIA, S.C. (February 1, 2013)—Food distributor Sysco recently completed a project to upgrade their existing lighting systems to reduce electricity costs and improve lighting quality in their Columbia, S.C. distribution center. At the same time their reduced electricity usage has resulted in less greenhouse gas emissions associated with electricity production.

Southpoint Solutions worked with Sysco to develop and implement this project utilizing the patented technology of Orion Energy Systems. The existing lighting system, which consisted of over 600 inefficient high-intensity discharge (HID) light fixtures, was replaced with a combination of Orion's high-intensity fluorescent (HIF) technology and state-of-the-art LED technology.

As a result of the project, Sysco will reduce their energy use by 1,109,059 kWh annually. An added benefit is that lower electricity usage means less fossil fuel emissions associated with electricity production. By completing this project, Sysco has indirectly removed 737 tons of airborne pollutants which has an equivalent impact of planting 203 acres of trees.
The desire for continuous improvement is deeply ingrained in Sysco’s culture, and the Company believes that with their commitment to sustainability it will allow Sysco to achieve success for years to come. Bill Delaney, President and CEO states, “We look to improve efficiencies across the company- not only because this helps reduce operating costs, but because it’s the responsible thing to do for our customers, our suppliers, our associates and the environment.”

Dwayne McCloud, facility manager of Sysco Columbia, SC, has been a champion of this project for years. “Sysco has goals for each facility to become energy efficient and this project offered one of the best ways for us to meet these goals. It also helped that the project included a rebate offered by the local utility company South Carolina Electric and Gas.”


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