Tabasco opens a hot sauce-themed restaurant

Tabasco sauce will receive the full Cajun treatment on Monday when the spicy condiment maker unveils a new sauce-inspired restaurant at its Avery Island, Louisiana headquarters. The McIlhenny Company, which makes Tabasco, is launching the restaurant called 1868 (the year Tabasco was founded) as part of a major expansion of its visitor center, according to The Advocate. The revamp will help mark the company's 150th anniversary.

Visitors will find Cajun dishes like jambalaya, pepper jelly boudin, and Cajun crawfish nachos, and raspberry chipotle ice cream on 1868's menu with different flavors of Tabasco incorporated into the recipes, reports The Advertiser. The company plans to eventually expand into international cuisines, encouraging foreign visitors to incorporate the vinegar-pepper sauce into their home cooking.

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