Taco Bell concocts ‘dipping’ tacos

Perhaps Taco Bell's Waffle Taco isn't quite goofy enough for you.

Well, Taco Bell's got an equally wacky taco platform coming down the pike: the "dipping" taco.

No, that's not its real name. The new platform has two offerings: One is called the Rolled Chicken Taco, and the other is a new twist on the Crunchy Taco. But they're both designed for dipping. The Mexican fast-food kingpin announced Thursday that this new taco platform — the first taco sold by Taco Bell built expressly for dipping — will be rolled out nationally on Thursday, Nov. 20.

New products are the lifeblood of fast food. And as younger consumers keep demanding unlikely new products with more flavor and unconventional ingredients, Millennial-worshiping chains like Taco Bell are only too happy to please.

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