Taco Bell invites teens to redesign chain’s uniforms

Calling all high school fashionistas and artists! Taco Bell is giving you a chance to design their uniform t-shirts! The winning design will be seen in Taco Bell stores across the nation and the designer will receive a $5,000 scholarship for school!

We love a good success story. Who doesn't? So, think about your passions, what inspires your creativity, and how you put your own twist on things. Then, break out your black fine tip marker and drawing paper and start designing.

Things to know

  • You need to 'Make the Promise' to graduate high school
  • All designs must be on a white 8.5" x 11" paper
  • All designs must be drawn using a black fine tip marker (no pencil or color)*Pick ONE topic/question below that inspires you to guide your design

What is your career aspiration?
How do you use your talents to inspire others?
My high school graduation day will look like:
What have you learned through the Graduate For Mas program?
How would you creatively express your goals and dreams in a picture?

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