Teamsters Launch U.S. Foodservice Workers United Website

WASHINGTON (Nov. 3, 2009 - PRNewswire)—The International Brotherhood of Teamsters launched a new website, U.S. Foodservice Workers United (www.usfoodserviceworkers.org) today. The interactive website features company information, discusses worker issues and provides tools and resources to workers interested in raising standards at U.S. Foodservice. The website will enable workers to share their own stories and connect with others from across the country.

Rosemont, Ill. based-U.S. Foodservice, owned by private equity firms KKR and CD&R, is the second largest foodservice distributor in the country and has annual revenues of approximately $20 billion. The Teamsters represent 4,000 of
U.S. Foodservice's 27,000 employees.

"We are excited about launching this excellent platform for the members we lready represent at U.S. Foodservice and for those workers who want to improve their work life at the company," said John Williams, Director of the Teamsters Warehouse Division. "When all U.S. Foodservice workers are afforded decent standard of living and a voice on the job, the company's performance will be enhanced and its future will become brighter. This website will no doubt increase communication and collaboration amongst workers across this company."

Recently, 250 U.S. Foodservice workers in Phoenix, Arizona successfully organized a union with the Teamsters and are now negotiating their first contract.


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