5 reasons to upgrade your coffee brewer

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Modern coffee-brewing equipment can do much more than churn out a great cup of joe. In many cases, an investment in one of these machines can both save and earn money for your operation.

Here are five reasons why it pays to invest in high-quality coffee equipment.

Reduce labor costs. “It allows you to offer more choice and quality with very little training,” says coffee consultant Stephen Schulman. “You just put the right amount of coffee into the basket.” Some of the high-end brewers even feature USB ports that can accept a thumb drive with a customized coffee-brewing recipe to ensure continuity and consistency throughout a chain’s locations.

Save on service calls. Today’s machines show detailed error messages when something’s wrong, and some have a self-diagnostic mode that will even tell the operator which part needs attention. The brewers also alert staff of necessary maintenance and cleanings. “Service people would charge by the hour,” Schulman says. “If that works, you’ve just saved a ton of money.”

Elevate your coffee program. Modern brewers far surpass the basic drip models of your childhood. These machines can brew single cups to exact specifications. In the age of customization, consumers are wowed by this “brewed-for-you” approach. Operators can offer a wider selection of beans and roasts, as well as customized coffee-and-food pairings. “In the past, sometimes restaurants weren’t interested in people sitting down to coffee and dessert,” Schulman says. “But now, the thinking is, ‘Let’s maximize our profit when we’ve got them here.’”

Upcharge. If consumers see a server strolling the room, refilling cups from the drip coffee pot, they’ll likely expect free refills. However, if they know that the brew is special “just for them,” it might be enough to change consumer mindsets and get them to accept paying for additional cups. Consumers are willing to pay more for food and drink labeled “fresh,” “specialty” or “handcrafted.” “There are ways to scale that up the right way,” Schulman says. 

Reduce waste. Modern machines feature digital tracking to control inventory and reduce waste. An operator will be able to easily see how much coffee is served each day and when the peak times are. “You’ll be able to get analytics on your dayparts and what’s selling,” he says. Plus, today’s brewers will hold coffee at a steady temperature to reduce scorching and waste. New models offer up alerts when coffee is being held too long or if the temperature fluctuates too much. 

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