Menu engineering tools boost profitability

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After craveable food and beverages and well-trained staff, a hard-working menu runs a close third as a marketing and profitability tool. With shrinking margins and a growing competitive environment, operators must offer profitable menus while also serving Instagram-worthy plates.

The Sysco Menu Services experts provide a suite of ideas, innovative technology and advisory services to help operators optimize their menus and create custom marketing collateral to support those menus.

Using a restaurant’s existing menu, Sysco industry experts identify potential efficiencies and profit-generating opportunities. They look for ways to trim costs through ingredient substitutions or varied portion sizes, for example, as well as ways to rework the printed menu to make it more effective.

By looking at actual costs, ordering and pricing data, they can separate the menu heavy hitters from the losers, and ultimately, they map menu items to indicate which have upside potential and which items might be better dropped, deemphasized or reworked to boost their appeal or profit potential. Menu Services also weighs item and pricing trends at competitive restaurants.

Armed with all this information, the experts present the operator with specific strategies designed to enhance profitability.

The self-service tool, MySysco Marketing, provides restaurant owners the power to personalize professionally designed marketing tools—from menus to table tent inserts, slugger specialty menus, bounce back buzz cards, kids menus, posters and more. More than 1,500 layouts and design options are available, along with a library of high-quality food photos, all created using methods proven to optimize menu profitability and appeal.

MySysco Marketing provides a quick, efficient way not only to create and store high-quality menus and supporting materials, but it’s also well-suited for developing materials supporting seasonal and holiday specials as well as limited-time offers.

Other tools provide insight into additional menu engineering strategies. For operators reluctant to raise menu prices, for instance, a profitability calculator based on current sales can project how even a minor price adjustment in top-selling items can bump up overall profitability over a week, month or year.

Menu Services services are complimentary to the company’s foodservice customers. Please note that the MySysco Marketing tool was previously called OnDemand. For more information, contact your Sysco representative.

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