RB editors test two new restaurant apps

outback blaze apps

Outback Steakhouse 

Key feature: Ease of use

This app is all about convenience. The home screen is as simple as can be with just three choices: plan your visit, browse the menu and pay bill. To let guests know about specials or banked rewards, a one-time burst pops up linking to the app’s “offer pouch.”

Entering a zip code in the visit-planning section not only yields a list of nearby restaurants, but also their current wait times. Click a location and a pop-up lets diners put themselves on the wait list remotely. The app also will notify guests when their table is ready.

In-house, diners can pay their bill, plus split the check, add a tip and securely store payment information from the app by entering the payment code from their check.   

Blaze Pizza

Key feature: Easy-to-see loyalty

After hearing via social media that its customers wanted a loyalty program, the build-your-own pizza chain launched its transaction-based app. Customers earn a flame for every purchase; 10 flames gets them a free pizza.

Users can select one of three buttons to order, pay or redeem rewards. Flames are automatically added for those who order via the app, while in-store purchasers can use a reader at the register for points—no need to scan in receipts, as is common with many other fast-casual apps.


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