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Managing revenue through cash register records and traditional bookkeeping works for some restaurant owners and managers. But in the current competitive climate, an integrated point of sale (POS) system is becoming more of a necessity than a luxury.

CAKE, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sysco Foods, has combined proprietary hardware and restaurant-specific software—designed using extensive customer insights—into a simple, easy-to-use POS platform. Its features are designed to improve the overall customer experience, improve efficiency and yield cost savings that operators can take to the bottom line.

The right technology will show an operator not only where their inefficiencies are but also how to improve them. CAKE POS analyzes revenue and customer data to pinpoint a restaurant’s busiest and slowest days and times, helping managers make smarter staffing and scheduling decisions and potentially lowering labor costs. It effectively removes the guesswork of managing the day-to-day, so restaurant owners can focus on their main passion: the food!

Servers at restaurants empowered with CAKE technology can use tablets to enter orders tableside. These orders automatically transmit tickets to the kitchen or bar, saving steps and time. Real-time counts of specials and other dishes mean no more orders for sold-out items. Screen popups prompt offers of combos and modifiers, which enhance revenue and guest satisfaction. Faster, error-free ordering speeds up the dining experience and results in happier guests as well.

Speaking of seating, operators can manage a bar, patio and separate dining spaces all from a single screen. CAKE generates a variety of customized floor plans to match the design and layout of venues of every size.

The CAKE POS also integrates with CAKE Guest Manager, a waitlist application that speeds up table turns and eliminates the need for staff to manually check and update tables’ statuses. It keeps both front and back of house staff current on the status of each table. Together, POS and Guest Manager can increase table turns by 6%.

One pitfall of technology within a restaurant could be decreased connection between staff and customers. Leveraging technology offers opportunities for meaningful interactions and conversations with guests, rather than frantic staff focusing on operations and orders.

Mr. Horgan, the owner of Pacific Sushi & Grill in Brookings, Ore., puts customers first through technology. “Any technology I bring to my restaurant has to have a positive effect for my customers,” said Mr. Horgan. “If they are not benefiting from the dining experience I create, then neither am I.”

Using CAKE, Pacific Sushi & Grill has been able to increase their speed of processing orders, particularly during peak hours, allowing staff to focus on customers and the dining experience. Reviewing data pre- and post-implementation revealed that CAKE helped achieve a 25% improvement in overall revenue, showing how technology has given Mr. Horgan the benefits he was looking for: a better experience for him and his customers.

Setting up the CAKE POS or Guest Manager is a user-friendly process, thanks to web-based training and videos. One-on-one questions are answered by CAKE University experts, 80% of whom have restaurant experience.

CAKE’s restaurant-specific technology solutions offer an easy-to-use platform for operators to boost their bottom line while streamlining operations at the same time.

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