Technomic and Hartman Collaborate to Provide Foodservice Consumer Insights

The two consulting organizations, each with distinctive strengths and extensive experience in their respective market niches, are preparing to leverage these synergies into new business-building tools for major foodservice organizations and their suppliers.

Technomic, with nearly 40 years of industry-based and trend-tracking studies, is the leader in fact-based analysis of the foodservice industry. Extending its base of research further down the food chain, the firm recently launched its Center for Consumer Research to enhance its offerings in the consumer-research arena.

The Hartman Group, a full-service consulting and market research firm, specializes in analyzing and interpreting consumer lifestyle issues, frequently applying innovative methods such as ethnography and experience-based research. The firm's traditional focus on the health and wellness markets has included major studies on obesity and healthy eating trends.

Additionally, the firms said they intend to collaborate in developing innovative new approaches and services to the broader consumer products industry.


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