Technomic Is Set to Release Pizza Market Study

The Pizza Category Report covers multiple issues driving the pizza category and its operators, the researcher said. These issues include increased quality from frozen pizza and the emergence of take and bake. Combined with pressure from other forces, these matters have given consumers pizza options beyond the traditional chains.

Technomic also conducted original consumer research that involved 1,000 structured online interviews, which quantified consumer trends regarding away-from-home pizza consumption.

"Pizza chains are facing more emerging players in the pizza market," said Sara Gillis, project analyst. "These players aren't limited to traditional operators, and increasingly, chains should be aware of what's going on in non-traditional environments."

In addition, the Pizza Category Report found that consumers are searching out more specialty toppings that often appear to be inspired by ethnic flavor trends.

"Pizzas that utilize Latin flavors are being rolled out with greater frequency, taking advantage of ingredients like black beans and Cheddar cheese," said Gillis.

Not to be disregarded were loyalty and quality, with Gillis noting, "Consumers tend to visit their local independent pizza restaurant more frequently than any other establishment and perceive these restaurants as offering high-quality pizzas."

The Pizza Category Report also offers consumer profiling and rankings for 25 of the leading limited-service pizza chains; identifying new emerging concepts; analysis on ingredients trends such as proteins, fruits, vegetables and sauces; and a detailed listing and comparison of pricing between full- and limited-service chains.


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