These are the 5 happiest food service jobs

High stress. Low pay. Little to no job security. There's a reason that many of the food service occupations PayScale examined for its recent Restaurant Report rate poorly for job satisfaction or job meaning, or both. But that doesn't mean that everyone who works in the restaurant business hates their jobs. Here, we examine some of the job titles that reported being happier at work.

For the purposes of our discussion here, we'll look at the top jobs by satisfaction rating, and compare them to each title's ratings for job meaning and stress - and typical pay:

1. Banquet Captain

High Satisfaction: 71 percent
High Meaning: 52 percent
Low Stress: 25 percent
Typical Pay: $20.90/hour

2. Sous Chef

High Satisfaction: 66 percent
High Meaning: 48 percent
Low Stress: 24 percent
Typical Pay: $14.10/hour

3. Assistant Restaurant Manager

High Satisfaction: 65 percent
High Meaning: 34 percent
Low Stress: 26 percent
Typical Pay: $12.80/hour

4. Head Chef

High Satisfaction: 62 percent
High Meaning: 53 percent
Low Stress: 25 percent
Typical Pay: $13.50/hour

5. Bartender

High Satisfaction: 60 percent
High Meaning: 31 percent
Low Stress: 41 percent
Typical Pay: $16.30/hour

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