Think inside the box

Take advantage of increased holiday business by making an incremental sale. Help your guests solve all of their gift-giving challenges by offering ready-to-give goodies for sale. All it takes is a bit of creativity and some suggestive selling, and you'll have a hot seller and some extra holiday spending money on your hands.

  • Everyone has a bit of a sweet tooth. Do you have a dessert on your menu that doesn't require refrigeration? Chocolate truffles? Those tasty sugar cookies? Cello- wrap them with a bright bow and place them on each tabletop with a $4.95 price tag. When your guests order coffee at the end of the meal, include a complimentary sample. One taste and you'll add several packages to the guest check.
  • Are you known for your signature salsa, zesty BBQ sauce, tangy marinade, homemade jams or house wine? Send a bottle (or two) home with your guests. A colorful label with your logo will serve as a reminder of your restaurant.
  • Do you sell T-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, or other items featuring your restaurant's logo? These make ideal gifts for the person who has everything. Create a small display area to showcase the items, and have them pre-wrapped and ready to put under the tree.
  • Don't have anything on hand? Talk to your sales rep about creating special gifts just for the holiday season. There are dozens of options available from gourmet food vendors, such as bottles of wine, gourmet jellies and jams, custom coffee blends, and even unique drink coasters.
  • Chocolates a la Carte offers a mini chocolate champagne bottle, cordials, Santas, snowmen, dreidles, drummer boys, gingerbread men, stars, and many other holiday and new year chocolates. They come individually cello-wrapped and ready for giving. Visit their web site at www.chocolates-ala-carte.com
  • Keep your eyes open in shops and magazines for unique packaging ideas. Fun and festive wrapping can help to make the sale. Colorful Chinese food boxes, small gift bags with tissue paper, cellophane bags with a special sticker (available thru Kinkos in just a few days), or glossy boxes with ribbon can make the gift truly memorable.
  • To make sure your guests know about the gifts that are available for sale. Place a small display of the gifts near the hostess station, and train your staff on how to introduce the gift items and add them to the guest check.
  • In addition, print table tents or gift lists with descriptions and prices. Present them with the menu or place them on the table in acrylic holders. We've designed some ready-to-use holiday templates to take care of some of the work for you.


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