Tom Bradley Terminal

Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) poured $2 billion into renovating its Tom Bradley terminal into a food destination, revealing the results last fall. With today’s foodie culture driving consumers to seek out unique dining options, LAX  transformed the area into a local showcase for restaurants not normally found in this channel. Of the 31 restaurant concepts in place, 18 are first-time airport operators and 17 are local brands. Airports and other nontraditional venues might be an area this type of operator never thought of exploring in the past, but several have found design-forward ways to translate their concepts to fit within the small-footprint storefronts at LAX. While the buildout is still in the works, the lineup thus far includes fast-casual concepts such as 800 Degrees and Umami Burger as well as Starbucks Evening with wine and light dishes. III Forks Steakhouse and Pinkberry are among the concepts expected to open soon.

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