More closely related to gooseberries than tomatoes, tomatillos grow inside a husk, breaking through their paper shells as they ripen. The tomatillo's tart, juicy flavor and texture stand up well to the heat of jalapenos and other spicy ingredients.

El Camino
San Diego, CA
Enchiladas Locas: Corn tortillas, red tomatillo sauce, cilantro, black beans, Mexican rice; choice of cheese, chicken or carne asada; $11/$14

Devanti Enoteca

Chicago, IL
Bistecca con Funghi e Ravenllo: Grilled hanger steak, saba marinated oyster mushrooms, roasted radish, tomatillo salsa verde; $17

Philadelphia, PA
Painted Hills Akewer: filet, crimini, red onion, mango serrano glaze, roasted tomatillo; $16

New York City, NY
Short Rib Croquetas: Braised short rib, smoky white beans, tomatillo-avocado salsa; $10

Latin Burger Food Truck
Miami, FL
Chicken Tomatillo: Shredded chicken cooked in tomatillo salsa, avocado, scallions, cilantro; $NA


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