Tony's Fine Foods Moves to Paperless Delivery

OWINGS MILLS, MD (Sept. 24)—Perishables distribution specialist Tony's Fine Foods, West Sacramento, California, is deploying AirVersent's 20/20 Delivery product, a move it says will improve service and reduce paper use and miles driven in line with the company's green initiates.

By equipping its fleet with handheld devices and AirVersent's software, Tony's drivers can electronically scan barcodes on all deliveries and digitally capture customer signatures upon receipt. Barcode scanning will improve the accuracy of deliveries by helping avoid discrepancies, shorts and mispicks in the delivery operations process. Digital signature capture will mean Tony's customers can view and process their invoices online, thereby cutting out unnecessary paperwork.

"By implementing 20/20 Delivery we will save our customers time, money and storage space by reducing how long they spend receiving shipments, indicating quickly that orders are accounted for and eliminating the need for processing and storing paper invoices," explains Tony's owner and CFO Scott Berger. "For Tony's it means being able to provide the very highest possible levels of customer service and satisfaction."

According to an AirVersent release, 20/20 Delivery is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) product specifically engineered for mobile supply chain businesses. With SaaS there is no software or infrastructure to buy and install, no custom programming to carry out and no ongoing systems management and maintenance overhead. Instead, user organizations pay a subscription fee for each mobile worker on the system.

It's fully configurable by user organizations to fit their exact business needs and work practices. The look and feel of the mobile applications, the data items used and workflows are all fully configurable to meet individual operational requirements.


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