Turnaround report: McDonald’s tweaks its core program

McDonald’s acknowledged that a cornerstone of its turnaround strategy hasn’t snagged consumers’ attention as planned, prompting adjustments of the customization program.

The initiative, which enables customers to use a kiosk to customize their burgers, is being renamed the Chef Crafted system to give the build-your-own-burger service more of a culinary cachet.

The earlier name, Taste Crafted, didn’t connect with patrons, the chain acknowledged.

McDonald’s is also tweaking the customization options. Patrons can now order a Buffalo bacon, pico guacamole or maple bacon Dijon burger. A jalapeno and Deluxe burger were dropped from the choices.

The system is the evolution of Create Your Taste, the customization service that McDonald’s domestic operations have imported from Australia and Europe. The initiative, which is still being rolled into U.S. stores, enables customers to personalize their burgers by choosing the breads, meat and garnishes via a self-service kiosk. 


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