Ukraine Expects Spring Bird Flu Outbreak; Europe Deals with H5N1 in Britain and Hungary

The reason is that Ukraine is in the migratory paths of birds flying from east to west, said the ministry's veterinary spokesman Vitaliy Maryniuk.

The greatest danger is in Crimea, and the Kherson, Odesa, Mykolayiv and Zaporizhzhia provinces of southeastern Ukraine, Maryniuk said. He noted that this year bird flu has been discovered in Hungary, Turkey, Great Britain and Russia.

Meanwhile, in Great Britain, where tens of thousands of infected turkeys have been culled, the Food Standards Agency is investigating whether poultry from a Bernard Matthews' production site infected with the avian influenza virus entered the UK food chain and is being sold in stores.

The revelation, made yesterday by Deirdre Hutton, chairperson of the FSA board, came amid accusations by media commentators that the regulator was lax in allowing the company to export raw meat from the UK site to Hungary


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