U.N. Food Standards Commission Meets in Rome; Agreements to Be Binding on All Signatories of WTO

The Codex Commission, in its annual session, is considering the adoption of several food safety and quality standards that countries depend on to safeguard the health of consumers, improve food quality and ensure fair practices in food trade, according to an announcement by the global agency.

The Commission is a body jointly set up by the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and the World Health Organization (WHO). According to plans by Codex, agreements reached at the six-day forum would be incorporated into national laws of nations governed by treaties of the World Trade Organization(WTO). Analysts said the adoption of the standards is of immense interest to WTO because it would bolster its efforts in helping international food trade by eliminating many technical barriers.

More nutritious infant formula Codex will reconsider the 1981 standard on infant formula, which was based on scientific knowledge from the 1970s.

The revised standard for infant formulae and those for special medical purposes is based on the latest scientific understanding of the composition of breast milk.


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