US Foods Executive To Chair GFSI Transport & Distribution Working Group

ROSEMONT, IL (October 11, 2011)—US Foods has announced that Jorge Hernandez, senior vice president of food safety and quality, has been named chairperson of the Transport and Distribution Working Group of the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI).

The Working Group will:

  • Review current safety practices in relation to the transportation and distribution of food and feed products and then define and measure best food safety practices within the international food and feed distribution and transportation industries.
  • Identify the safety monitoring requirements of food and feed transportation and distribution companies worldwide.
  • Provide technical recommendations to the GFSI Board on issues relating to food safety within the food supply chain.

This information will enable GFSI to develop key elements for inclusion in the GFSI Guidance Document relating to the safe transportation of food and feed products.

In addition to Hernandez, the Working Group will consist of food safety experts from several international companies including food distributors. The full list of working group members will be finalized later this year and published on the GFSI website.

"Food transportation and distribution are critical, and some times forgotten, components of the food chain," Hernandez said. "Whether it's across town or across the globe, food safety and security must be maintained to ensure a safe food supply. The goal of this working group will be to define, measure and communicate how food and feed products should be transported and distributed to maintain their safety. Establishing criteria and metrics for these segments is the first step in creating the right environment for safety and continuous improvement."


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