US Foodservice Activates 1.8MW Solar Panel System in N. Califorina

SAN FRANCISCO (April 13, 2011)—U.S. Foodservice-San Francisco has completed a new solar panel system for its Bay Area Green Business-certified warehouse in Livermore. Covering the rooftop and carport, the system is expected to provide 40% of U.S. Foodservice-San Francisco's power needs during daylight hours.

“Our new solar panel system will benefit both the environment and our bottom line,” said Phil Collins, division president, U.S. Foodservice-San Francisco. “Sustainability is a driving force at U.S. Foodservice and we are continually evaluating and implementing ways to reduce our environmental impact while more efficiently serving customers.”

With a predicted output of more than 1.3 million kilowatt hours (kWh) annually at its peak, the solar array is expected to generate enough electricity to power up to 194 average California homes for one year.

The solar panels were installed by SPG Solar. U.S. Foodservice is leasing the solar system from Delta Electronics, a global provider of renewable energy products. The installation project provided approximately 70 sustainability-related jobs in the community.

The Livermore warehouse is the company's storage facility for food and paper products that it delivers to schools and hospitals around Northern California.



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