U.S. Foodservice Disposables Market to Reach $16.52 Billion by 2015

According to the report, “The foodservice disposables market, driven by increasing away-from-home expenditures and dual-income families with reduced time for making home cooked meals, finds immense applications in restaurants, institutions and retail stores among others. An increase in the number of working women and changing trends in ethnicity have also led to greater indulgence in foodservice disposables. Like every other industry, the foodservice disposables market is also feeling the pinch of global recession, as the consumer expenditure on these products is directly linked to level of disposable income. However, with these products being the non-durable goods and further with constant decline in raw material prices the affect of global recession is gauged to be minimal, particularly for food and disposable food packaging products.”

GIA data show cups and lids to be the largest product segment in the U.S. market for foodservice disposables. Encouraged by numerous advancements in terms of shapes and motifs, the disposable cups and lids have come a long way from initial paper or plastic cups to compostable or recyclable/recycled cups. Cups and lids are also expected to see the fastest growth over the analysis period, 2006 to 2015.

Restaurants represent the largest end-use market for foodservice disposable domestically, according to the report. Other significant markets include institutions, including airlines, hospitals, military, and sports and recreation venues.
These and other market data are presented in GIA’s "Foodservice Disposables: A U.S. Market Report," which discusses prevailing trends, recent developments, product profiles, key players, competition, demand forecasts, mergers, acquisitions and other strategic industry activities. Analytics for the period 2006 to 2015 provide a comprehensive understanding of the market, according to the company.

For details about the report, visit www.strategyr.com/Food_Service_Disposables_Market_Report.asp.


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