U.S. Foodservice Goes Far

"One of our Salem customers, Stephens Steakhouse, was asked by the Red Cross to set up an emergency kitchen and prepare 700 meals per day to assist our neighbors who are still without power," said Gary Clark, president of the operating company. "The steakhouse owners, Bob and Nancy Stephens, asked for our help. Our division responded within the hour of that request to begin planning menus, lining up food deliveries, and helping with other logistics in meeting the Red Cross' needs."

Starting Wednesday night at midnight, U.S. Foodservice-Salem territory manager Lori Plank arrived at the steakhouse to assist with preparation of the first 700 meals requested by the Red Cross for distribution Thursday morning. She also provided her laptop computer to allow the Stephens to communicate online with Red Cross officials after the restaurant's computer failed to respond after the storm.

"We were able to provide enough fried chicken and other meal ingredients to help the steakhouse kitchen supply the Red Cross meals so they could distribute on schedule," Clark said. "We also have stationed a refrigeration trailer at the steakhouse to assist with keeping food supplies safe for as long as it's needed."

"It is important for U.S. Foodservice to give back to the communities where we serve," Clark added. "We are proud to be able assist our customer in lending a hand to the Red Cross and the Salem community as a whole in the wake of last week's terrible storm."


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