USF-San Francisco to Supply

The expedition will launch from Sausalito on August 4th with a team of scientists to collect samples, study toxicity impacts on marine life and test various capture methods, all with the aim of bringing solutions to the problems of marine debris in our oceans. U.S. Foodservice was reportedly selected on the merits of its food safety programs and its certification as a “green” company by the Bay Area Green Business Program. The program recognizes companies for their environmental leadership, compliance with environmental regulations and ability to conserve resources and reduce pollution.

"This is an exciting project for us and we are proud to support this important environmental mission," said Phil Collins, president, U.S. Foodservice-San Francisco. "As part of the project we helped the Kaisei crew create a 30-day menu calendar to ensure the team enjoys a healthy and delicious balance of meals during the expedition."

"U.S. Foodservice offered the best variety of quality products and services to meet the demanding requirements of this research voyage, and was able to deliver the supplies in an extremely tight time frame," said Doug Woodring, Project Kaisei's co-founder and project director. "Their role as a certified green food distributor was an important factor in choosing them for this critical research project."

In addition to providing green-certified product lines such as napkins made from sugar cane, compostable poly gloves, and cups made from corn starch, U.S. Foodservice-San Francisco provides training to businesses in the area on the importance of achieving green-certified recognition.

"As a green-certified broadline food distributor, we're proud to offer sustainable product lines that allow us to reduce our carbon footprint and be a better corporate neighbor in the Bay area," Collins said. "It's important to us and our customers that we help strengthen communities where we do business."


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