Vegan goes upscale

Eating grass and granola is no longer an acceptable vegan diet. These days, an array of talented chefs and business-savvy restaurateurs are redefining vegan cuisine, aligning it with words like haute, creative and Michelin-rated. Here are a few places to keep your animal-loving eye on.

Napa Valley, CA
Chilled cantaloupe and sage gazpacho infused with roasted cornhusks and spicy charred lime peanuts, pickled radish, onion top oil; $18

New York, NY
Takenoko Dinner: Four course Omakase-style traditional Shojin dinner, house-made soba, takenoko tempura, takenoko gohan, rice and grilled bamboo shoots in a Donabe clay pot, dessert and sake; $100 per person

Los Angeles, CA
Cru Pizza: Italian walnut pumpkin sausage, marinated shiitake mushrooms, truffle mascarpone and salsa pomodoro on a raw handmade dehydrated flax and sunflower seed crust; $16

San Francisco, CA
Seasonal Harvest Menu: 4-course vegan prix fixe local and seasonal menu; $50 per person

Portland, OR
Beet Tartare: Minced ruby beets with carrot aioli, herbs and capers, cashew cheese and baguette; $9

Fort Lauderdale, FL
Raw Mein, zucchini noodle, bok choy, napa cabbage, red pepper, carrot, ginger miso dressing; $21


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