Waugh Foods Selects Amphire Technology

PEORIA, IL - Waugh Foods, Inc., a 55-year-old family-owned broadliner here, has chosen Amphire Solutions' technology to electronically enable transactions with its supplier base.

"Waugh Foods is committed to identifying innovative solutions, and as a result, we are adopting technology solutions that enable us to better manage our own internal processes," said John Waugh, president of Progressive Group Alliance member . "Over 50 percent of our supplier purchasing volume is already integrated with Amphire which makes Amphire a perfect fit for our company."

Mark Barnekow, president and ceo of Amphire Solutions, Redwood Shores, CA, observed: "Waugh Foods' agreement with Amphire demonstrates Amphire's commitment to expanding our company's significant foodservice base of customers. Amphire is the only company committed to rapidly enabling the foodservice industry with high value, next generation tools and technologies."


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