The week in ideas, April 16, 2012

A Titanic of a menu. Indecent pasta. And lickable wallpaper. What more could you want from the latest installment of Week in Ideas?

Idea #1: A Titanic menu.Recreated, at 12,000 per head.

Idea #2: Penis-shaped pasta. Is not a good idea. New York City Chinese restaurant Chin Chin is being sued for sexual harassment by a former bartender, who claims the staff would make phallic pasta and serve it to celebrity guests.

Idea #3: Lickable wallpaper. Willy Wonka introduced us to the concept, but it’s finally become a reality, in all its germ-sharing goodness. A cake shop in London has figured out how to make wallpaper tasty and has installed it in a downtown elevator.


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