The week in ideas, April 29, 2013

This week: shaming guests. All day breakfast. And fast food delivery.

Idea #1: Bad-tipper shaming. An employee at Padi Restaurant in Hockesssin, Delaware, took to the restaurant’s Instagram page posting pictures of customers along with their bills, showing little to no tip. A few racial slurs were thrown in for good measure. The restaurant’s manager has been placed on leave.

Idea #2: Fat-customer shaming. A New York restaurant put up a sign pointing out that oatmeal has lower calories than bagels and that “summer’s coming… just sayin’!” It took the sign down after complaints via Twitter.

Idea #3: The afternoon McMuffin. McDonald’s CEO says all-day breakfast is under serious consideration.

Idea #4: Whopper delivery. And Burger King, coming off a strong sales report, announces the expansion of its delivery service.




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