The week in ideas, August 10, 2012

The Week in Ideas goes whole hog with Brooklyn restaurant Northeast Kingdom. We head down to Florida to check in on some racist burritos. And we just can’t help ourselves: one more Chick-Fil-A item.

Idea #1: Go whole hog. To kick off its new whole-pig, in-kitchen butchering, Brooklyn restaurant Northeast Kingdom is holding a 23-course, $130-per-plate dinner made from a single 220-pound pig named King Arthur.

Idea #2: Rename your racist burritos. After getting slammed on Facebook, Lola's Burrito Joint in Jacksonville, Florida, had a good idea to rename its “Wetback Willie” burrito to “Wet Willie.”

Idea #3: Have some fun at Chick-Fil-A’s expense. Beaver’s restaurant in Houston launches the Chick on Chick sandwich LTO: “Two loving chicken breasts married on toasty buns with a honey mustard witness and joined in celebration with tolerant fries,” read the menu board.


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