The Week in Ideas, August 24, 2012

Exiling salt shakers to the condiment station. Cleaning up playgrounds. Fun discounts. Fighting happy hour. And a bad ice cream idea. All in the Week in Ideas.

Idea #1: Get rid of salt shakers. Boston Market took the bold step this week of removing salt shakers from tables. They will be available at condiment stations, but the chain hopes its move will prompt patrons to taste the food before salting and, ultimately, reduce their sodium intake. The restaurant has also reformatted a number of menu items to reduce sodium.

Idea #2: Clean up playgrounds. If a new California bill becomes law, the state’s restaurants with playgrounds will have to keep them as clean as eating areas.

Idea #3: Discounts for derrieres. According to an employee, Texas’s Twisted Root Burger Company gives out random discounts for fun. A recent receipt showed a discount for a female customer's “best butt.”

Idea #4: Fight happy hour. Boston-area restaurant and bar owners voiced strong support for maintaining the state’s ban on happy hour specials. “Happy hour is a very bad thing for our industry,” said Austin O’Connor Jr., CEO of Boston’s Briar Group, whose bars and restaurants include City Bar, Ned Devine’s, the Green Briar, the Harp, M.J. O’Connor’s and Anthem Kitchen + Bar. “Happy hour only encourages over-consumption.”

Idea #5: Geoduck ice cream.No thanks.




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