The Week in Ideas, December 17, 2012

Discounts for adopters. More crazy receipt stories. And Guy Fieri gets customers any way he can.

Idea #1: Dollhouse in the bathroom.Why not?

Idea #2: Discounts for adopters. California’s Santa Maria Valley Humane Society teamed with the Hitching Post Restaurant in Casmalia. People who adopt an animal from SMVHS will go home with a $25 gift certificate towards the purchase of a Hitching Post meal.

Idea #3: Stop using customer name field on receipts. We couldn’t say it better than the Consumerist: “To every restaurant manager in the entire world: Sit your employees down now and tell them that if they ever use the ‘customer name’ field on the POS system for anything other than the customer’s name, they will be fired.”

Idea #4: Ironic dining. The New York Times and Guy Fieri spawn a new dining trend.


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